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About us


Back in the early 1960's, a small group of hobby enthusiasts gathered at each other's homes to share ideas and chat.  As the "Hobby Club" grew in members, so did the need for a central meeting place.  


The ladies of the Hobby Club held fund raisers, solicited donations and negotiated the purchase of a parcel of land in Saint James City, Florida.  The seller of the property generously donated one-half of their sale proceeds back to the fledgling organization to support our vision.  Bids were submitted by local contracters to construct The Saint James City Civic Association (SJCCA) building and it was completed in 1964.


Since those early years the number and variety of clubs and groups has increased and changed along with the diversity of our members.  We provide our members with the opportunity to meet others in our community with similar interests and a facility to accomodate various events, groups, clubs and activities.  

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