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Donations and Ticket Purchases can now be made online!

We use PayPal, a secure and encrypted electronic alternative to checks.  Using PayPal for renewing your membership, making a donation or purchasing event tickets has many advantages:


You (the buyer)

  • do not need to have your own PayPal account to make purchases

  • are not charged a fee to make purchases

  • can use your credit or debit card

  • will save postage, check writing, a trip to the civic center, completing a paper membership application

  • will get a receipt from PayPal that can be used in place of a Membership Card or Event Ticket

We (the SJCCA)

  • are charged the fee by PayPal - it is deducted from your total purchase amount

  • save time making bank deposits, recording membership applications, printing membership cards/event tickets

  • can access your information easier and faster to confirm your purchases

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