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Golden Brush

THE ORDER OF THE GOLDEN BRUSH - Over 40 years of artistic exploration founded by Gladys Stroud.  Where people meet and inspire each other to enjoy artistic creativity

We meet every Tuesday 10:00AM-1:00PM during season (Nov-Apr) in the Large room  Be fearless and rediscover your artist within. Acrylics, oils, watercolors, chalks, pencils are welcomed.
Members, friends and guests continue to meet once a week at the Saint James City Civic Association to share ideas, techniques and thoughts side by side with the novice artist as well as the accomplished artist.  In a casual and relaxed atmosphere, where everyone is encouraged to explore the artist within, skills are shared, resources identified and questions are respectfully answered for anyone seeking help, guidance and solutions with their creations.  We welcome all mediums, all levels of art expertise, and encourage you to join us and get "lost" for a few hours and just enjoy.
Golden Brush Workshops are usually held each Tuesday afternoon following the general meeting of the Golden Brush from January through April.  Cost of workshops vary depending on the Artist and whether or not materials are provided.  Generally they are $20 to $40 for a 3 to 4 hour workshop.  You are encouraged to go to the Artist's web site to view their art style and learn a little about these great Artists.

See the Calendar for exact times and dates

For more information, please contact the Activity Leader:
Linda Selleck  

Palm Frond Zoo - Heidi Saletko

Roy John Fuller - Big Brush Workshop

Roy John Fuller - Big Brush Workshop

Sandy Beeler and Sue Arnold

Marilyn Nash

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