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We use PayPal, a secure and encrypted electronic alternative to checks.  Using PayPal for renewing your membership, making a donation or purchasing event tickets has many advantages:


You (the buyer)

  • do not need to have your own PayPal account to make purchases

  • are not charged a fee to make purchases

  • can use your credit or debit card

  • will save postage, check writing, a trip to the civic center, completing a paper membership application

  • will get a receipt from PayPal that can be used in place of a Membership Card or Event Ticket

We (the SJCCA)

  • are charged the fee by PayPal - it is deducted from your total purchase amount

  • save time making bank deposits, recording membership applications, printing membership cards/event tickets

  • can access your information easier and faster to confirm your purchases

Frequently asked questions


How do I become a member?

To become a Member you must complete a membership application and pay the annual dues fee. Applications are available at the Saint James City Civic Association (SJCCA) and on our website You will be issued an annual Membership Card to verify your active member status. Bring your membership card with you to activities and events held at the SJCCA. If you apply and pay your dues at the SJCCA, you will be issued a membership card. In the event you do not receive your card at that time, check back with us to pick up your card at a later date.

Where is my Membership Card?

If you apply and pay your annual dues for membership at the SJCCA you should receive your membership card at that time. If you mailed in your application and payment or dropped it off at the SJCCA office, your membership card will be held for you at the SJCCA. Ask an Activity Leader or Board Member for assistance.

Can I attend an activity to decide whether or not I want to become a member?

Yes! Please feel free to "drop in" and see if an activity fits you before becoming a member. If you join, members are charged a "co-pay" of $2 per class/activity and non-members (who attend with a member) are charged a "co-pay" of $4 per class/activity. (Some activities may cost more - e.g. Golden Brush Workshops)


How can I receive a Newsletter? Do I have to be a member?

Our monthly Newsletters and occasional Bulletins are sent by email to all active members who provide us with a valid email address. If your email address was included on your annual membership application, you should begin to receive our Newsletters. If you do not begin to receive Newsletter emails, please check your spam folder and adjust your setting to allow our notifications. Contact us if to verify that we have your correct email address or inform us of any changes. If you are not a member or do not provide us with a valid email address, a copy of all Newsletters and Bulletins are posted on our website under the "Newsletters" tab. We also try to have several copies on hand at the civic center for those without internet access. Ask an activity leader for help.


What is the "Members Only" tab? Why does a Signup screen appear?

You must be a current, active, paid Member of the SJCCA. When you click on the "Members Only" tab, a "Signup" screen appears. You must "Signup" to be verified as an active Member before access is approved. After you are approved, complete the "Login" section each time you access the Members Only area of the website. The Members Only page contains:

  • SJCCA Contact phone numbers and email addresses
  • Minutes of Board Meetings and Annual Member Meetings
  • Financial Statements

NEW - Chess Club

Jan 27th Sunday 10:00am - 12:00 Interested in forming a new chess club? Bring your chess board and join us - contact Gabriele Solterra

Bridge Lessons

Feb 6th Wednesdays from 10:00 - 11:30am 6 weeks of lessons! Learn to play Bridge - $2 members / $4 non-members (per class) Contact: Kay Winter

Mah Jongg Tournament

Apr 13th Saturday 8:00am - 4:00pm Mah Jongg Tournament - a full day of play! Includes breakfast, lunch and prizes! Contact: Mary Halbleib